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10 photo(s) Updated on: Sunday, September 26, 2010
  • Joe Ruckstuhl (far left) cracks the whip as Concessions Chair!
  • John Govan, John Furtmeier. Missing from the photos are Sportsarama 50th chair Pat Blackwell and Linda Sterne, who were too busy working to get photographed.
  • Bill Meyers, Emily Lamphere, Jeff Hanson, Fred Lamphere
  • David Shea, Jamie Spell, Richland Sertoma Club president Linda Etheredge working the freezer truck at Richland Sertoma's 50th Sportsarama.
  • Eric Martin, wearing straw hat, and some of the Richland Sertoma members at 50th Sportsarama.
  • District Governor Steven Langer with 50th anniversary t-shirt from Richland Sertoma Club.
  • Ms. Ann Pauley.
  • From left: Alan Grimsley, Debbie Sowell, Steve Etheredge, Linda Etheredge, Gail Trebuchon.
  • from left, Cory Manning, Sportsarama chair Jack Sterne, Jeff Hanson ready to work at Richland Sertoma Club's 50th Sportsarama. You have been sent 1 picture.
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