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First SPORTSARAMA– August 26, 1960

6 - 0     Brookland-Cayce – Olympia

13-0     Eau Claire – Lower Richland

12 -0    A.C. Flora – Dentsville

 7 – 0   Columbia – Dreher

Mike Derrick (BC)      1st TD, 95 yd punt return

Thomas Ray (EC) 3 yd TD – Buddy Robinson (PAT)

Larry Sharpe (EC) 32 yd TD

Larry Hedgepath (ACF) 10 yd TD

Donnie Dunlap (ACF) 5 yd TD

Boatwright (CHS) 1 yd TD Tommy Odum PAT

School Spirit Award – Eau Claire (Brookland-Cayce 1st runner up, AC Flora, 2nd)


Eau Claire                   Art Baker

Dreher                         Charlie Stuart

Dentsville                    Harry Parone

Columbia                     Jim Brown

Brookland-Cayce        Bill Brissey

Lower Richland          Bill McGill

Olympia                      Bobby Giles

A.C. Flora                   Jim Pinkerton

AUGUST 25, 1961

First Miss SPORTSARAMA– Miss Theo McGimsey (Eau Claire)

7-0              Dreher v Dentsville

7-0              EC v Columbia

14-7     ACF v LR

0-0       Olympia v BC

Lower Richland – School Spirit Award

Hugh Weldon (Dreher) 9 yr TD, Bill Ogburn (PAT run)

John Steckel (EC) 1 yd TD,  Doug Berian PAT

Coot Wood (ACF) 61 yd TD

Steve Lyman  (ACF) 23 yr TD

Curtis Lindler (LR) 28 yr TD C Lindler (PAT)

August 24, 1984   

 In 1984 Sportarama was moved from Williams-Brice Stadium and held the three sites,  W.C. Hawkins, Harry Parrone and Memorial Stadiums.

Vista renovation plans are unveiled  by City Council.  VCRs and mini vans are picked as the hot items for 1984.  Outlet Point becomes the 1st outlet mall in the midlands.  Red Dawn, Karate Kid, Revenge of the Nerds and Ghostbuster hit the movie screens.

            Chapin – Cardinal Newman

            Irmo – Columbia

            Dreher – A.C. Flora

            Richland Northeast – Spring Valley

            Keenan – C.A. Johnson

            Lower Richland – Eau Claire

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