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Fundraising Events

Chartered in 1959, the Richland Club is the second oldest in Columbia, SC. As a Columbia resident, you probably know this Club produces the annual SPORTSARAMA football spirit event in August at Memorial Stadium.



Richland Sertoma's principal fundraiser is Sportsarama, a pre-season football jamboree held each year in late August. The club sells advertising and publishes the souvenir game program.  The club also sells concessions during the event and votes on the Mr. and Miss Sportsarama candidates.  The fundraiser's 50th anniversary was celebrated in August 2010.

Annual Golf Tournament

Beginning in 2008, the Richland Sertoma club began sponsoring an annual golf tournament which is held at a local golf course each year.  The tournament, which is usually held on a Friday has been a great hit and excellent fundraiser for the club.  We also have always had fantastic weather (knock on wood!).  The club provides lunch and dinner for the golfers, along with beverage carts and goodie bags.  The 2019 tournament is scheduled for Friday March 8, 2019 at Fort Jackson Golf Club.

Download our registration brochure here: 2019 sertoma golf reg brochure small.pdf

"Celebrate Sound - Don't Walk in Silence"

CELEBRATE SOUND Don’t Walk in Silence is a national fund- and awareness-raising walk created to help promote hearing health in our communities.

Half of the net proceeds from this event will be used to support the charitable activites of the Midland Area Sertoma Clubs. This includes supporting their hearing health activites, the Boys and Girls Club, and Camp Sertoma of South Carolina which provides opportunities for fun, skills development, and education for 240 disadvantaged or hearing and speech impaired children each summer. The other half of the proceeds will help fund Sertoma’s national hearing health mission projects such as:

• College scholarships for hard-of-hearing and deaf students;

• Scholarships for those pursuing graduate studies in
speech-language pathology or audiology;

SAFEEars! an awareness program for the prevention of Noise Induced Hearing Loss;

A Sound Investment campaign to promote better public accessibility for people using assistive hearing devices;

• Grants to local non-profits providing hearing healthcare in communities across the nation.

This year's event will be held at Saluda Shoals Park on Saturday, March 21, 2015.  For more information on this event or to register for the walk or donate your support, visit the website at

Download a sponsorship brochure here: Celebrate Sounds Walk sponsorship - columbia 2015.pdf.

Other Events


Over the years, Richland Sertoma has participated in other fund-raising activities such as MayFest, St. Patrick's Day Festival, Mardi Gras Auction & Party, Spring Fling, horse shows, air shows, hot dog sales, and coupon book sales, and recently, a golf tournament usually held in late October at Fort Jackson.



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